DID YOU KNOW…you could be harboring TOXINS in your body, that not only can make you feel tired, sluggish and bloated, but they can STOP your body from LOSING WEIGHT, even with proper DIET + EXERCISE!


The average person can have several pounds of waste and fecal matter and other waste and toxins trapped within their digestive system and colon walls. These residual toxins can cause all sorts of health problems like clogged intestines, digestive trouble, irritability, headaches, and the INABILITY TO ABSORB VITAMINS AND NUTRIENTS!


Not only can this lead to sub-optimal health or even malnutrition, but this leaves the BODY in a state that’s CONSTANTLY HUNGRY FOR GOOD NUTRIENTS! This causes the person’s APPETITE to BALLOON, as they are eating MORE FOOD to try to make up for the lack of nutrient absorption. This typically leads to MORE backed up waste and a cycle that NEVER GETS FIXED!




In addition to weight loss, both in the short term and long term, here are 3 MORE PHENOMENAL reasons to include CLEANSING + DETOXING as a regular part of your self care:


Alcohol, sugar, refined food and caffeine all contribute to adrenal fatigue. As we eliminate these stimulants from our diet, the adrenal glands get a much needed break and reboot. The abundance of nutrients from fresh anti-oxidant rich juices and high-fiber whole foods, along with deep meditative breathing, has a nourishing and healing effect on the adrenal glands. Healthy adrenals help the body and mind cope and deal with everyday stress without getting overwhelmed.


As your body releases toxins, it also begins to release layers of emotions. Cleansing is all about getting to those deep rooted toxins and flushing them out of your system. Some toxic feelings such as anxiety, anger and fear may surface, giving you a chance to deal with deep rooted pain. Emotions that are stored in the body can start to manifest into the physical body through aches and pains, creating a stagnant liver, depression, among other serious illnesses. Practicing gentle yoga asanas, especially camel, child pose and hip openers, allows the body to release these emotions. Connecting with nature, especially powerful water bodies like oceans and waterfalls, have amazing emotional healing qualities. Doing deep meditative breathing and writing in a journal can help begin the process of healing.


When we eat a diet that has healing properties and lessens the burden on our body, we make room in our mind and body for other things. Purification occurs, a clearing out, and this makes room for your mind to be more clear and focused. New ideas start to flow and a problem or situation can be understood from a new and deeper perspective. This may be the perfect time to create a vision board and do some deep reflective thinking.

The action of cleansing and purifying the body helps to release stagnation, making room for revitalized easily flowing energy. For many centuries, many people have detoxed, or more commonly fast on water or juices, to feel more alive, awake, and aware. Doing gentle detox yoga, deep breathing, walking in nature and practicing stillness all contribute to helping the body release toxic energy, creating space to connect with your higher self.


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