What will be included in my Speedloss®?

Everything you need to detox, cleanse and lose up to 12 lbs in 2 days. Our cleanse-combination of eating 5 times per day consisting of; fat burning protein shakes w/ L-Carnitine, delicious specialized cleansing juice for meals 5, 6, 7 and 8, OatPro protein fortified oatmeal, detox supplements, low fat soups and snacks for day 1 and day 2.  Also includes: speedloss instruction guide filled with EZ tips for shake recipes & more.

Do I need to workout while I’m on my Speedloss®?

There is a recommended cardio & activity plan with Speedloss. We’ve found that clients achieve MAXIMUM results by doing 60 min of cardio each day while they are on the diet. But even if you can’t fit it in- some customers were still able to get GREAT results of 8-18 lbs with no additional exercise [results vary per person].

Do I need to add any other foods?

NO – you do not need to add any additional food to your Speedloss® Diet. (If you feel you must – add 1-2 pieces of fruit.)

Can I have coffee or tea while on the Speedloss Diet?

YES – You can have green tea during Speedloss, however, if you prefer regular coffee and/or tea, drink in moderation.

How much weight do people really lose on Speedloss®?

The average losses have been upwards of 8lbs, with some losing over 12lbs and others who do not stick to it have lost 0-4lbs.  Special population issues like diabetes, thyroid problems, slow metabolism from inactivity or just plain cheating on the plan were some of the main culprits.

Is Speedloss® gluten free and ok for allergies?

Speedloss® is gluten-free. The foods are all natural, shakes do not have any artificial sweeteners in them and are made from dairy-free whey protein isolate or egg white protein.  Speedloss has no ‘strange’ foods in it that are gross, we are picky and so are many of the clients we have had over the years so all food items and flavors are the most liked & most popular.

How often can I do Speedloss®?

We have seen success doing up to 10 days of speedloss consecutively in a month, followed by a sensible diet and resuming another 6-10 days of Speedloss® after a 16 day time span between them.  Some clients have lost excess bodyfat and stomach bloat over 3-4 months doing one Speedloss® each month.  [results vary per individual]

Will the calorie counts be available for all items in Speedloss®?

We currently do not have calorie counts on all items in Speedloss®. This is an ever-changing plan so items are changed out from time to time to keep variety so detoxers can do speedloss consecutively and still achieve the maximum results.  The calories stagger daily to trick the body to lose excess pounds.  The ingredients and how to prepare the items are on each label.

What about shipping? Can you ship overseas?

We currently ship Speedloss® nationwide.  Items are shipped parcel-post. They have a 2-5 day delivery time. If you order duplicate Speedloss®, they could get separated in shipping. Please wait 5 days before calling us or refer to your tracking number to see it’s ETA. If it is a military APO/AE address, we can also ship there.  Additional shipping/handling charges could be charged on addresses not covered currently.