15 Day SLIM + BURN Speedloss


Lose EXCESS lbs + Feel SLIM FAST!
with the 15 Day SLIM + BURN Speedloss Solution

*EASY to follow 4 phase plan with detailed step by step instructions

*See BODY FAT reduction + Fast WEIGHT LOSS Results!

*INCREASE Energy levels

*DECREASE Cravings

*Lose 1-3 clothing sizes

*Still go out to eat with Family + Friends and attend work events

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Proprietary 4 Phase system based on the science of “Diet Cycling”


Back by popular demand…

Starting in 2014 we offered the NEW 15 Day SLIM + BURN Speedloss for the 1st time to a small list of carefully selected customers. It was created based on the science of “diet cycling” after the CEO attended an invitation only program for industry professionals at the Harvard School of Health in Cambridge, MA.

The RESULTS from our initial trial offer blew us away…participants were raving about how EASY the plan was to stick to, and overall EVERYONE LOST WEIGHT! Across the board, we found the 15 Day SLIM + BURN Speedloss to be VERY effective at decreasing body fat, decreasing inches, and increasing overall metabolic processes both during and after the 15 day period.

Participants also reported an increase in ENERGY levels, both during and after. They also loved that it was EASY TO FOLLOW + fit into their busy lives over the 15 day period. They could STILL go OUT TO EAT with family + friends, attend work luncheons + events, and didn’t feel deprived or left out!

MAIN OBJECTIVE: Safely lose EXCESS WEIGHT with MINIMAL Hunger or disruption to your lifestyle. ALSO works EXCELLENT for getting those stubborn last lbs off!


What’s included in the 15 Day SLIM + BURN Speedloss?

  1. PHASE 1: 2 DAY PREP phase to ease you into it + get your body prepped for MAXIMUM FAT BURNING! (MEAL PLAN included to follow for these 2 days)
  2. PHASE 2: 2 Day Speedloss Cleanse – EVERYTHING you need is IN THE BOX for this phase! Includes Oat Pro, delicious protein enhanced Smart Soup, PROTEIN 26 Meal Replacement Shakes, + Sedona Anti-Oxidant Berry Blend Detox Juice.
  3. PHASE 3: 5 Day Protein Cycling phase using PROTEIN 26 Meal Replacement Shakes (ALL PROTEIN 26 Meal Replacement Shakes INCLUDED, with Phase 3 Meal Plan to follow for the remaining meals.)
  4. PHASE 4: 6 Day Modified Juicing phase with SpeedSmart Lifestyle Meal Plan (delicious Sedona Anti-Oxidant Berry Blend Detox Juice INCLUDED for use with Phase 4’s SpeedSmart Lifestyle Meal Plan.) This final phase will continue to CLEANSE your system, while getting your body ready to return to regular healthy eating again.

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