Originally developed by a small group of elite Personal Trainers for Celebrity Clientele + time-crunched Fortune 500 Execs, the success of SPEEDLOSS quickly spread making it the ORIGINAL and #1 Selling Eat + Drink Detox!

With millions sold worldwide to date, the 2-day JUMPSTART Speedloss is still the most popular go-to cleanse for those who need to lose weight and stay fit, both in the spotlight and out!

The 2-day JUMPSTART SPEEDLOSS CLEANSE still remains our BEST-SELLER after more than a decade, in a large part because it’s so EASY + EFFECTIVE to do even with a busy schedule! It’s just as effective for the BEGINNING CLEANSER, as it is for someone who cleanses on a quarterly basis for health and weight maintenance. We’ve successfully helped more people than we can even count lose weight and keep it off over the years! CLICK HERE to see some of our TOP WEIGHT LOSS SUCCESS STORIES for yourself! Not only can the 2-day JUMPSTART be used to help reach a healthy weight loss goal, for many it’s the start of a WHOLE NEW HEALTHY LIFE!

That’s why we called it the ‘JUMPSTART’ 🙂

The 2-day JUMPSTART combines the Science of age-old DETOXING with the Fat-Burning Science behind PROTEIN METABOLIZATION. Together, these scientific components not only help to CLEANSE your body, but get your METABOLISM FIRING properly to help you reach and / or maintain a healthy weight for the long-term.


OH, + we make everything taste ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS so you’ll actually want to STICK WITH IT!!